NGC2170 region, NGC2185, NGC2183, LBN999, LDN1646, vdB72-74, vdB67-70; Monoceros 
Astro-Physics 155EDF (155TCC) f/5.4 refractor 
KAF-16803; FLI Proline 
Total Exposure Time: 12.6 hours; LHaRGB 260:300:100:100:100, unbinned 
January 2009; RDO, Moorook, AU 
Comments: NGC2170 is a common nebula imaged and yet with long exposures it takes on a whole new look. Many of the nebulae seen here appear to be uncataloged and not previously imaged. This image has been carefully processed to reveal the many faint and dusty nebulae in this region of Monoceros.